Dark Shadows Movie Review 2012

Dark Shadows Movie Review

The original elements of the gothic soap opera Dan Curtis, Dark Shadows, it seems that the ideal material for a Tim Burton film. Horror of the atmosphere, eccentric characters, elaborate costumes and humor are just some strange force director. But Burton's adaptation of the length function, it is almost too much of his inclinations and the company is not enough to allow a coherent vision cut. Despite its extraordinary cast, moments of relaxation of the mind can not overcome the overwhelming strangeness that a film that penetrates like a jumble of fragments, which looks to remain the most beautiful achievements of Burton. The original series was often criticized for being slow - the version of the film is not guilty, as so many characters and stories together continuously woven, until we remain with little satisfaction to a virtual character and subplots mentioned earlier, not that the center of attention at end.

Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp), the heir to a prestigious rich fishing business in New England rejects the love of a humble servant Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), she does not know the future has in store for winding his family and heritage. Murder of his parents and his true love Josette (Bella Heathcote), the curses of witches avenger with vampirism and sealed in a coffin. If accidentally released 200 years later, Barnabas is on his castle, where their ancestors are still affected by the unrelenting wrath of Angélique, who live in isolation and despair. Determined to her family to its former glory, the whole vampire tough return to the restoration of their businesses and wealth, while not knowing the way to a disastrous confrontation with her ex-lover scorned.

Morbid magic, ancient curses, and a story modeled on Frankenstein has nothing on the original gothic horror later Tim Burton / adventure / romance. Borrowing the title of the rarity of a soap opera in 1960, hardly gives this film a sufficient basis to call for a stage version, based on a complete rejection of your source material, style and attitude, it n 'there was no reason to retire. This is a Tim Burton movie through and through, open to the adoption of a Gothic Dark Fantasy fixed with the film, as Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hollow as. Each character is a vampire and pale, like - to show much about the real ghosts and undead teeth.

Although it looks like tires, Eva Green's make-up effects for the end simply stunning, contrasting extreme failure of nonsense random spontaneous twist in a fit. Events and activities comedians feeling of luxury is drawn on the floor, mixing elements of the story of Death Becomes Her, Beetlejuice reminds eccentric characters, sudden chaos and adventurers like Jumanji. Intermittently funny dialogue and serenity of a transplant momentary good old gentleman in a world of McDonald's, hippies, and Alice Cooper disappear too fast for the other segments of the plush of the imagination to succumb.

Dark Shadows also suffers from the same mistake many fiction novels are: a complete lack of definition of the powers of this world. I've never found exactly what he is immortalized in a position Angelica (in connection with witchcraft), or to what extent, or a vampire Barnabas (avoiding the sun, but what else?). No limits, no compelling characters emote fear, courage, sacrifice, or a feeling of self-preservation. Similarly, although the film does not try to frighten (with the exception of the introduction of the ghost of Josette, which is surprisingly creepy) if the characters do not take seriously the death and destruction, is the public sympathy either likely to care for the protagonist . With an overwhelming vote, stealing the attention of all the roles that really need attention - the integral of a few to a story that is particularized to mostly off-screen.

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