How Avengers Movie 2012 Vs X-Men Movie Should Have Been

Avengers Movie 2012 Vs X-Men Movie

It is a position that I waited for some time that the events of the comic to see it now under the microscope. Why? The events of the comic book fans to pay a ridiculous amount of money in monthly issues and weekly tie-ins, for stories that all of the emotional context and lack of effective characterization. Oh, are events that comics not likely to slow in the short term, because that seems to generate an increase in sales.

My main concern with the events of the comics these days is that just keeps slugfests between heroes and villains. The stories are often free to do with emotional context, because we know who dies will probably be revived in one or two years. Take "Fear Itself" This year's event Marvel. He said the event was second on the basis of the concept of fear spread through the Marvel Universe, due to the increasing fear of God.What really happened was an endless series of battles between villains and heroes with hammers. At least temporarily DC took a step back, and restarted on its universe.Marvel seems more and more events to push a good thing. You need good, and that's how I do.

My case would be the inspiration from the works of Grant Morrison and J. Michael Straczynski take. It would be a greater emphasis on ordinary citizens, because they react to the actions of superheroes around. One of my biggest concerns with the Marvel Universe recently, the concept of the X-Men. In a world that now contains hundreds of superheroes, why the X-Men come in the year, for example? The only thing that she is from other superhero mutants that they were born with his powers, but in general these forces are manifested at a later date. Why did the audience respond very poorly to the mutants, as The Avengers and the Fantastic 4 bands there? Prejudice is simply nonsense. I understand the concept of mutation could inform the public about other super heroes who get their powers to scare by accidental means, or the government but not enough to justify serious harm to the mutant community.

The concept of my case is the human reaction to the superhuman community. After the events of the fear itself, people get tired of her world, that come under threat, super heroes and villains fight each other constantly. There is a growing feeling that the superhuman community cause more damage than they are worth, and that the two mutants and the overman, which was released and arrested. This is an event similar to Dark Reign, but the eyes of the public are not influenced by the publicity. You have to really get rid of, the communities and superhuman mutants. This will instruct the view of Civilian Human Resources (such as JMS Thor) is represented, would arrest and against them. The army began arresting everyone and super mutants, and Asgard be banished from the earth and never spoke again. There are of course some resistance from both communities, but most of the delivery.

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