Leonardo DiCaprio Biography And New Images 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (November 11, 1974), known as the starring of Jack Dawson in Titanic movie (1997), is an Italian-German blooded actor in USA. His father, George, is an Italian and his mother, Irmellin, is a Germany grew DiCaprio in Los Angeles, California. His mother really admires Leonardo DaVinci, so that he was given Leonardo DiCaprio as his name. DiCaprio has starred in various movies with different characters.

Leonardo DiCaprio BiographyDiCaprio is also known as one of the few Hollywood celebrities who truly have concern for the humanitarian activity. He frequently travels the world to provide counseling about saving the environment or just sympathize the victims of natural disasters or other accidents. He got a number of humanitarian awards like The Star Eco Station (Celebrity Award For the Environment), Environment Now (Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award), and Green Cross International and Global Green USA (Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership). However, all his fame and success are still made him uncomfortable. DiCaprio does not like his personal life devoured by the public, he just wants his work and roles are remembered and appreciated, not his privacy. Now DiCaprio also established a film company called by the Appian Way which is cooperated with the Warner Brothers, and he also became a producer and an author of several books.

Leonardo DiCaprio Career: DiCaprio’s acting career has been started since the age of 5 years. At that time, he played in a television drama called Romper Room. Then, his acting career did not go smoothly. He repeatedly rejected in the audition a number of films. Once, he failed to get a contract with an agency because of refusing to change his stage name to Lenny Williams. DiCaprio didn’t give up. His father gave the great support which had made him up step by step into entertainment world. After appearing in a number of public service advertisements such as How to Deal With a Parent Who Takes Drugs and Mickey’s Safety Club, DiCaprio, who was growing up tried to across the number of television dramas such as Lassie, The Outsiders, Santa Barbara, Roseanne, Parenthood, and Growing Pains. However, DiCaprio got his first serious role only in the Critters 3 (1991) movie. Having starred in several movies, his name was increasing dramatically when he became a main character in a mega drama entitled Titanic in 1997. The one of Hollywood’s most successful movies of all time made his name so famous and took the highest peak of Hollywood celebrities career.

Leonardo DiCaprio Filmography: 1991: Criters 3, 1992: Poison Ivy, 1993: This Boy’s Life, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, 1995: The Quick and The Dead, The Basketball Diaries, Total Eclipse, 1996: Romeo + Juliet , Marvin’s Room Hank, 1997: Titanic, 1998: The Man in the Iron Mask, Celebrity, 2000: The Beach, 2001: Don’s Plum, 2002: Catch Me If You Can, 2003: Gangs of New York, 2004: The Aviator, 2006: Blood Diamond, The Departed, 2007: The 11th Hour, 2008: Body of Lies, Revolutionary Road, 2009: Shutter Island, 2010: Inception.

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